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What We Believe In



We source fresh goat milk from family farms all within a 30-mile radius of our creamery.  We have mutually beneficial contracts that pay farmers fairly based on the components and quality of their milk.

This contract commits our farmers to humane animal husbandry and restricts the use of antibiotics, hormones, and animal feeds that have been treated with chemical or synthetic fertilizers.

Our farmers are not forced to manipulate their herds to provide a consistent, year-round milk production. The animals cycle naturally, and we manage our production and aging processes accordingly. Our milk-pricing contract does not penalize producers for “under-production” in winter months, nor “over-production” in summer months. We coordinate closely with our producers regarding anticipated herd growth, and breeding time frames.


Whey Disposal & Donation

Our "leftover" whey is captured in a special closed system and is productively used to support our neighbor agri-businesses. This protein-rich, bio-active liquid is not dumped into public sewer or septic; it is captured, refrigerated, picked up by local farmers and fed to livestock. The whey that is not distributed to our local community is safely disposed of at our local water treatment facility.