Mountain Top

Mountain Top


MountainTop is one of FireFly Farms' original aged cheeses, launched first in 2002. MountainTop takes its shape from pyramid-shaped Valancay molds.  It is a surface-ripened cheese with blue and white molds. The blue mold gives the delicate piquancy of a young blue cheese, and the white mold imparts a silky creaminess.  It is the most highly awarded cheese in our product line with nearly 30 individual national and international honors.

  • The balance of the white and blue mold is what sets this cheese apart and makes it unique; achieving that balance is no easy task. We think of MountainTop as a “starter” blue; often those who don’t generally enjoy blue cheese find MountainTop to be a perfect balance of creaminess and flavor.

  • MountainTop is perfect for cooking— enjoy it grilled in your favorite panini or melted over a hot vegetable side dish. MountainTop shines beautifully when melted over cooked bitter greens like broccoli rabe or asparagus. MountainTop can pair wonderfully with a Pinot Grigio or a Reisling. On your next cheeseboard, try serving MountainTop complemented with candied walnuts, pears, hot pepper jelly or cured olives.

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