Brie Mine!

Brie Mine!


Which bloomy rinded cheese will win your heart? Which will make your lover’s heart swoon? Find out with a sampling of all of FireFly Farms’ handcrafted brie-style cheeses. Discover your favorite style with this sampler consisting of both goat’s and cow’s milk cheeses. Will it be tour original goat’s milk brie Merry Goat Round? Or will it be the creamy, spreadable, spruce bark wrapped, aged, Spruce Reserve launched in 2016 for our 15th anniversary? And available for the first time in a FireFly sampler, our Bloomy Breeze. Bloomy Breeze is a rich, creamy cow’s milk cheese that may steal your heart.

Sampler contents:

  • 8-ounce round of FireFly’s Merry Goat Round

  • 8-ounce round of FireFly’s Merry Goat Round Spruce Reserve

  • 8-ounce wedge of FireFly’s Bloomy Breeze

This item includes perishable food items and will be shipped in an insulated shipping box with sufficient ice packs to keep it chilled and safe for up to 2-days; please select an appropriate Fedex Shipping Service to ensure your items arrive in the best condition.

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