Black & Blue

Black & Blue


Black & Blue is a robustly flavored blue cheese with a dense, buttery, stark white interior that is deeply blued. Piquant and sharp with a slightly sweet finish, it crumbles melts or slices easily.  Beautiful in appearance and flavor, it is unique among a handful of 100% goat's milk blue cheeses worldwide. Aged a minimum six - eight months, its taste and texture continue to surprise.

  • We introduced Black & Blue at regional farmers markets and the feedback was wildly enthusiastic. Soon after, we began full production of this unique cheese and it is now available in retail outlets and restaurants throughout the United States.

  • This unique blue cheese is versatile and easy to eat. Black & Blue can be melted on steaks and burgers, or used in finer cuisines. Try pairing Black & Blue with a Pinot Noir or a Merlot, and serve it with honeycomb, pears and candied walnuts on your next cheeseboard.

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