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This Goes Out To our Makers & Mongers


An Open Letter to Cheese Mongers:

To all you cheese mongers near and far:  thank you!  You are the custodians of our goat’s milk cheeses.  You welcome them into your display cases, and give them a temporary but important home as they make their journey to the happy mouths and stomachs of cheese loving consumers.  You receive them, care for them, cut them, taste them, teach others about them, wrap them and care for them as they age – each a little living micro-environment that changes by the day and the week.  Thank you.

I have often said that cheese making is the art of careful and calculated decay – much like life, no?  As the Merry Goat Round ripens through the activity of its white-bloomy rind, as the Cabra LaMancha develops its robust umami-filled smoothness, as the Black & Blue, the MountainTop, the Spruce Reserve, and the Cave Dweller make their own taste and texture journeys – you are there to shepherd and care for them.

Thank you cheese mongers.  We are here for you.

Mike Koch President & Co-Founder

Mike Koch
President & Co-Founder


About Our Makers

Our professional Cheesemakers are dedicated to mastering the traditional style of making goat cheese by hand. Since our opening in 2002 we have apprenticed over 25 different cheesemakers, and we believe that working with and educating new cheesemakers is not only important for making high quality cheese, but helps to support our community by creating jobs in rural America.  We not only produce a line of excellent cheeses, we also turn out career professionals who care about quality, sustainability and the art of cheese-making.


monger Resources:

About Our Mongers

Our cheese is available at many different retail locations with highly-educated Cheesemongers ready to assist you. We are proud of the relationship we have with our retailers, and thank them for all their support!


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