Fresh Goat Cheese

Fresh is an understatement. Delicious is, too.

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The story

This creamy superstar is made from milk sourced from local farms. Always. Processed within 24 hours. Always. (Yes, we’re that fresh-obsessed.) No“goaty-funky-ness.” Just a clean, mild flavor with a bright, citrus-y personality. Always.

Tasting Notes

Creamy yet fluffy texture with a clean, bright acidic tang.

Pleasant milkiness with a slight sweetness balancing the acidity.

Gently salted with a lower salt content that many comparable cheeses.


Our cheese makers begin their day in the early hours of the morning by hand-scooping and massaging whey out of curd that was pasteurized, cultured, and allowed to coagulate overnight. Our Fresh Goat Cheese is popular due to the sustainable, environmentally friendly way it is produced as well as its flavor and texture.



Perfect as an ingredient cheese, toss in pasta or blend with herbs.

Try pairing with a Chardonnay or Rosé, charcuterie and a fig spread

Endless uses in food service—pizza, salads, sandwiches, and more


Chef Pablo’s favorite receipes coming soon…