Flavored Goat Cheese
Herby Harissa

Fresh is an understatement. Delicious is, too.

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The story

Fresh Goat Cheese is one of FireFly’s original cheeses and is one of our most recognizable products. New in 2019, FireFly’s Flavored Goat Cheeses include this nod to the Middle Eastern flavors of the Levant: Herby Harissa. The wonderfully robust Herby Harissa spices make this Flavored Goat Cheese full of savory flavor with just the right amount of heat.

Tasting Notes

Creamy yet fluffy texture with a clean, bright acidic tang.

Balance savory flavors from the Middle Eastern herbs.

A spicy heat from the classic harissa.


Our cheese makers begin their day in the early hours of the morning by hand-scooping and massaging whey out of curd that was pasteurized, cultured, and allowed to coagulate overnight. Our Flavored Goat Cheese is then mixed with carefully selected all natural ingredients.



Perfect as a spiced ingredient in pasta or pizzas.

Spread on toasty bread and enjoy with charcuterie or fresh cut vegetables.

Use a dollop as a garnish on warm soup or spread on a sandwich or burger in place of everyday condiments.


Chef Pablo’s favorite receipes coming soon…