Allegheny Chevre

Allegheny Chèvre is a traditional, fresh goat cheese with a clean and mild flavor. Slightly sweet and tangy with a well-balanced acidity, while being creamy and dense in texture. Crumble some on a salad, melt it on pasta and pizza, or blend with spices and serve on crostini. It melts beautifully, is versatile in the kitchen, and pairs well with many different jams and jellies. Allegheny Chèvre can be frozen for up to 12-weeks. Allegheny Chèvre is FireFly Farms’ original cheese, and is featured on fine-dining and fast-casual menus across the country. FireFly Farms also supplies chèvre to local partners such as Sweetgreen and Silver Diner--partners who share FireFly Farms commitment to sustainable, local sourcing relationships.