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Cave Dweller

Cave Dweller is the newest member of the FireFly Farms Family. Cave Dweller is dense, sharp, and easy to eat. Intended to be a universally appealing, longer-aged cheese, the name “Cave Dweller” is in reference to this cheese being completely untouched in the aging room, vacuum sealed and aged for a minimum of 2 years.

  • Cave Dweller has a subtle sweetness and pairs well with many types of wine, fruit and charcuterie. As it ages, the body of this cheese becomes harder and the underlying sharpness and asiago-like flavors continues to develop. This well-rounded goat’s milk cheese is sure to please cheese lovers of every kind.

  • Cave Dweller is not as hard as asiago, not as soft as provolone. Cut into a wheel to find a rich, stark white cheese. It can be served with crackers and a savory or sweet tapenade, cut for a cheese board, melted on sandwiches or used in finer cuisines.