Cabra LaMancha

Winner of the 2016 Good Food Awards Gold Medal, Cabra La Mancha is a Spanish-inspired, aged washed rind cheese. This wonderful cheese has earned national and international recognition for its superior taste, texture, and aesthetics.

  • Cabra LaMancha is a smooth, semi-soft cheese. It is versatile and has a subtle grassiness when young, and develops a fudgy texture with an increasingly robust and earthy aroma as it ages. When heated it melts easily and beautifully, while releasing an enhanced aroma that complements its wonderful texture and taste. Try using it in the kitchen on a gourmet grilled cheese with granny smith apples, or grate it on top of a breakfast omelette. Pair it with a Sauvignon Blanc or a Pinot Noir and serve with olives, honeycomb and salami on your next cheese board.  

  • FireFly Farms' cheese makers flip and wash the wheels of Cabra LaMancha every other day by hand using a brine comprised of water, salt and the surface ripening agents geotrichum and brevibacterium linens. An earthy, flavorful orange colored rind develops around a semi-soft cheese body. Cabra LaMancha is a crowd favorite, and is one of our most successful cheeses.